Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Money Quiz - Know your Dough

How well do you
Know your Dough?
Take this quiz to test your knowledge of US currency.

Question 1His face appears on the $5 bill but his stove pipe hat wouldn't fit.

Question 2
She was a first lady and the only woman to be pictured on US currency (the $1 silver
certificate issued in 1886, 1891, and 1896.)

Question 3
He was George Washington's Treasury Secretary and can now be seen on the $10.

Question 4
One pound of $20 bills is worth how much?
a - $20
b - $9080
c - $20,000
d - $1,400,620

Question 5
He is the face on the $50 bill so don't call him useless.

Question 6
How many times would you have to fold a bill back and forth before it would tear? (folding
once forward and once backwards equals 1 time)
a - 4 times
b - 40 times
c - 400 times
d - 4000 times

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


When I was a kid I loved to write secret messages in code. One of my favorites was this easy to remember cipher. (cipher is another name for code.)
Draw 2 tic tac toe grids and 2 X X. Put dots in each of the cells of the second grid and X like this...
Now starting in the top of the first grid write the letter A and continue writing one letter in each box. You will have just enough cells for each letter of the alphabet.
Now to write a secret message draw the shape of the cell (without the letter, of course!) Here's what my name would look like written with this code. Try it with your name.
To decode a message match the shape to the original and copy down the letter in that square. For example...

What does this message say?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New York Times Crossword Puzzle Review

This blog used to be solely dedicated to crossword puzzles but I have recently updated it and will be posting about a wide variety of topics.

But don't worry my love of crossword puzzles goes on and I will continue to post interesting crossword clues and news I find. Such as this clue from yesterday's (Mon June 22) New York Times Crossword puzzle.

21 across Mocking remark

I moved through this puzzle pretty quickly until the very end when I hit this clue. I looked it up in the dictionary and it means to mock or make fun of. Now that I know the definition the clue seems easy! I'm writing this one down in my crosswordese file in case it comes up again. Do you think I'll be using this word in everyday conversation? In a pig's eye!

In a pig's eye means never by the way and it was also a clue in this puzzle. (18 down _ _ _ pig's eye) Speaking of eyes can you guess this clue.

46 down Cyclops feature

The crossword constructor is Fred Piscop. He has made many crossword puzzles and used to be the crossword editor at the Washington Post. This is his 96th puzzle in the New York Times. He has free crossword puzzles on his website at http://www.macnamarasband.com/dlpuz.html. Every week he puts up a new one.

I'm going to go try one.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby Bunny in the Backyard

This spring we've had bunches of bunnies in the backyard. I've caught them eating my tulips. And this little bunny in the video wandered up to my backdoor patio. He stood really, really still until I turned my head and then zoom... he was gone!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Be Inspired - Google Video Contest

If you like to make short videos Google Chrome has a contest that might be just your thing. They are looking for cute and quirky videos to promote their new Google Chrome Icon. Check it out here. Even if you don't make videos you will enjoy watching the ones other people have created. It's sure to make you smile!

A Fair Food Review

Last weekend I went to a local town fair. I listened to some music, walked around the business booths and got a bite to eat. Watch the video above to see what I think about the burger I'm about to eat.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cassie Brenn Quiz

In case you didn't learn enough about me in my official bio, learn some interesting facts in this 5 question quiz.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Official Bio

Cassie Brenn is a freelance writer with published articles in magazines ranging from Highlights for Children to The Guangzhou International Women's Club Gazette. Her writing assignments have sent her crawling in the garden to study the life of red wiggler worms, strolling down fragrant alleys in China looking for monkey head mushrooms and to the banks of the Pearl River to learn the ancient craft of Xiang Yun Sha or mud dyed silk. Her work on jewelry design garnered her a position as one of That's Guangzhou Magazine's Women of Substance in 2006.

Crossword Lingo (Glossary)

Constructor - person who creates crossword puzzles.

Crosswordese - Words that are used often in crossword puzzles.

Criss Cross Puzzles - A crossword puzzle where the words only cross in one or two places. The type of puzzle typically used in schools.

American Style Crossword - a crossword puzzle with overlapping answers that cross at every letter. The type seen in newspapers, magazines, and puzzlebooks.

Grid - The puzzle structure, made up of black and white squares.

Crossword Videos

Crossword Videos