Friday, January 29, 2010

Full Moon

Tonight is the first full moon of the new year and according to this article at it's called the wolf moon.
Did you know every full moon has a name? There's the snow moon, the pink moon, the flower moon.   here is the list of all of them for 2010.    If you could name One of the full moons what would you call it?    I would call the October full moon the witches moon.

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What do you draw on when you make a sketch?  Plain white paper?  Boring!!  Enrico Miguel Thomas uses subway maps.  He draws pictures of subway stations in New York City.  You can see some of his drawings by clicking on his name above. 

Seeing his creative canvas inspired me to look for interesting things to draw on.  I found this grocery receipt so I decided to draw some eggs. 

What can you use to make interesting drawings?  A take-out menu, last months calendar, etc...  Be Creative!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


What do the names Jacob and Emma have in common?  No, it's not a word puzzle.  They are the #1 most popular baby names for 2008. 

At the Social Security Administration  website you can see the top ten baby names for 2008 or any year you want.  You can also type in your name and birth year to see how popular your own name was for the year you were born.

I tried it with my own name, Cassandra (which is my full name, by the way.)  It turns out that it was the 199th most popular name in the year I was born.  It was even less popular as a name in 2008 dropping to 284th. 

If you like to write stories and need help picking out character names, this would be a great tool to use.  If your story is set in 1910, it would be helpful to know that John, Mary, James, Helen, William and Margaret were all common names back then.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Free Acrostic Puzzle for kids

Try your hand at this Acrostic Puzzle that I created.  It's pretty challenging but here's a hint - work back and forth.  When you solve all the clues you know put the letters in the grid.  Now take a look at the grid and I bet you can figure out some of the words.  Transfer those letters back to the clues you haven't answered yet.    Keep working back and forth until you're done. 
Acrostic puzzle for kids

(FYI - this Acrostic puzzle is really an acrostic like puzzle because it's missing the acrostic portion.  Traditionally, the first letters of all the answers would spell out the name of the author and the source of the quote.)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Free Word Puzzle

Try this word puzzle. 
Replace one letter in each word with the letter M, then rearrange the letters to form a new word.  The new word will be a type of fruit.