Monday, October 10, 2016

Discover Something New Day

Today is Columbus day in the US.  Supposedly Christopher Columbus was the first person to discover America. That is if you don't count the people that were already here or the Vikings, which we are now learning, probably landed in North America some 500 years before that.  And not to mention that Columbus never set foot on what is now the US mainland or that he thought he was in India.  Yes, besides all of that.  I say let's celebrate.  Let's celebrate the fact that he took a chance and set out on a voyage of the unknown in search of something new.

So Let's make our own voyage as explorers of the creative and dedicate this day to discovering something new.  Who knows what you will find but one things for sure ...

 "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

So get out there and see what is waiting to be discovered...
  • Eat a new food, discover the spice of life
  • Try a new art material, discover a new perspective
  • Visit a new place, discover inspiration
  • Learn a new skill, discover a hidden talent  
Ok the last one is a shameless plug for my new class, How to Write Funny Riddles which you can find here.  It's free for the first 25 students, I'm just saying... discover laughter, make the world a happier place...

Happy Discover Something New Day!

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