Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Why You Should Share Your Creative Work

photo by Cassie Brenn

As an introvert, at times in my life I have been reluctant to share my creative work with the outside world.  But after reading Austin Kleon's book Show Your Work, I've changed my point of view.

I've started posting my work on different websites and it has been extremely satisfying.  Maybe no one is watching, I have a mere 7 followers on Instagram, but it has helped me sort through my thoughts on art and creativity, given me an archive of work, and helped me discover new talents.

And here's 3 more reasons why YOU should share your work.

1. You learn by doing and having the goal of sharing your work can be the push you need to get started.

2. It helps us all overcome the idea of perfectionism. No one gets it right the first time. But everyone must have a first time. Show your work even if you are a beginner and everyone benefits from seeing your growth, not just your highly polished talent after years of practice.

3. Posting your work connects you to the community and that can lead to some great things such as   finding like minded people and mentors.

Now go Seize the Day!

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